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Green Revenant
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Green Revenant As vicious and raw an album as you would expect from a band called Tigerwizard Favorite track: Sleep Paralysis.
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released January 7, 2016

recorded at Elephantwest Audio, September 2015
mixed & mastered by Nikolaus Preglau
artwork by Sarah (Filth & Dirt)



all rights reserved


Tigerwizard Vienna, Austria

bake & destroy

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Track Name: Hall Of Meat
people say you are this
you say you are that
you are just a snake
who wraps himself into light of someone i can trust

welcome to the hall of meat
come closer and take a seat
eat whatever you want to eat
we are all just hypocrites

my mind feels poisened
by every word you say
even when you're gone
scars will stay
Track Name: Wreck
sweat running down my face
selfdestruction of the human race
giants are spitting at me
giants crawl in my head
they pull me down
and wish me death

blood, sweat and pain

my body is a wreck
i cannot sleep no more
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
lights are out and faces are lying down on earth when we all go to sleep
sweet sounds of branches in the wind, raindrops like bombs in the war

i have a sleep paralysis
i feel it tickling
it's moving through my flesh
from feet to head

first time wake feeling no more
no more pain, no impairment
body asleep, but not my mind
it feels like i broke free
free from all these lies
venom bites everyday
i'm moving out of this cage
the shell is numb but the soul awake

i cannot feel the poison in my veins
nor the fire in my flesh
forever weak but at least i got some rest
Track Name: Born To Die
in this life we're all born to die
some kids laugh and some kids cry
acting different not like you are
wearing a different shape to be one of them

eating glass to mute yourself
casted out of this world
a scapegoat for everyone
living pain in silence

born free - unique but not different
born me - no acceptance at all
Track Name: Doomed
bread and games for the puppets
keeping them calm to avoid the revolution
hungry people would fill the streets
sick of the world drifting out of our hands
indoctrinate your children and let them run
into a war against themselves
in a dying world, what is there to hold on to?

dumbing down the youth
making them your fools
they will obey your rules
tightening the noose